Nutrition Lesson Plans and Healthy Eating Classes

Our nutrition lesson plans are excellent classes designed for you, to help you understand the role of nutrition in your health, diet and lifestyle. The importance of nutrition cannot be underestimated.

Nutrition is the one single thing that matters the most in your diet, health and lifestyle. Nutrition is everything to your health.

Our nutrition lesson plans are designed to help you understand the importance of this link to your health, and preventing, reversing and fighting lifestyle diseases.

If you, or someone you love, or know is suffering from a dietary illness, you will do well to refer them to this page for a health and nutrition lesson plan or more. Just send them the link!

There are many health issues that can benefit from simply changing to a low fat, healthier diet and healthier way of cooking (listed further down).

Our nutrition and cooking classes come in three forms. And you know the best thing about them? They are all free.

One is geared towardspreventing and increasing cancer survival, and heart disease,one towards diabetes, and one is geared towards how to get phenomenal nutrition out of your meals plus preventing, reversal and managing all lifestyle diseases in general.

We run two of these healthy eating lesson plans in partnership with the Educational Alliance Program of theCancer Projectand the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is a non profit organization started by Dr Neal Barnard, that promotes preventive medicine and carries out clinical research on how to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases through nutrition and diet education and research.

These classes will help you better understand the connection between healthy nutrition and diabetes, healthy nutrition and cancer, and teach you how to prepare delicious and healthful meals that help to prevent, reverse and manage them.

The first group of nutrition lesson plans we run are theFood for Life Diabetes classes for prevention and reversalfor free.

The second type of health and nutrition lesson plans we run is in alliance with the Cancer Project, as part of the Education Alliance Program (EAP). They areCancer classes for prevention and increasing survival rates.

The last type are the nutrition and healthy eating lessons that show you how to retain maximum nutrition in your meals, using healthy nutrition cooking systems, food processors and healthy cookware.

Health Issues That Can Benefit

Health issues that can benefit from simply changing to a healthy, low-fat diet include:

Acid Reflux,
Anemia (also spelt anaemia),
Bladder cancer,
Breast cancer,
Cervical cancer,
Clogged arteries,
Colon cancer,
Digestive Problems,
Endometrial cancer,
Erectile dysfunction,
Esophageal cancer (also spelt oesophageal),
Canker sores,
Carpal tunnel syndrome,
Fatty liver disease,
Fibroid tumours,
Gallbladder cancer,
Gastric cancer,
Heart attack,
Heart disease,
High blood pressure (hypertension),
High cholesterol,
Iron deficiency or anemia,
Kidney cancer,
Kidney stones,
Low bone density,
Lung cancer,
Menstrual pain,
Ovarian cancer,
Pancreatic cancer,
Sickle-cell anemia,
Testicular cancer,
Urinary infections,
Vitamin D deficiency.

Our mission in partnership with the Educational Alliance Program is to teach health and nutrition lesson plans focusing on diabetes prevention and reversal through nutrition, heart disease prevention and reversal, and cancer prevention and survival through nutrition. We also give you lots of great, health recipes and more nutrition information.

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The information here is for general guidance only.
Talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet and lifestyle.