Major Benefits of Organic Foods

What is organic food?

What are the benefits of organic foods? Its partly common sense really. If you were to take a wild guess, you would get the answer right. Organic means unprocessed, untreated, raw, pure, crude. It is no surprise then, that the benefits of organic foods are derived from the very meaning of organic food.

What then, are non-organic foods? Easy. One of more attributes will apply to any non-organic foods – treated, sprayed, processed, genetically-modified, not natural food.

Major Benefits of Organic Foods

Benefits of organic foods and vegetables

1. More Nutrients and Healthier Option

One of the major benefits of organic foods is that theyve got more nutrients, On average, organic foods contain more of the essential minerals and vitamins we need for our bodies. Examples of these are vitamin C, several antioxidants and phytochemicals that help to fight cancer, magnesium, iron and calcium.

2. No Unnatural Pesticides

Hundreds of chemicals and pesticides are used in ordinarily growing foods and crops that are not organic nowadays. These remains are sometimes found in non-organically grown foods and plants. Only fertilizers and pesticides that have been approved for organic use are allowed to be used on organic farms.

3. Tastes Better!

Many of us prefer to eat foods that taste better. Organic foods taste better because theyrenatural.

4. Not Genetically Modified

Organic foods are not genetically modified in any way. It does beg questioning when foods get genetically modified. They are grown to specific standards.

5. Free of Additives

Organic foods are free of food additives. Some food additives are really dangerous and can affect your health negatively, leaving you feeling tired and lethargic. Food additives such as hydrogenated oil can also lead to health problems like heart disease and other related lifestyle diseases.

Additives in food are added to increase shelf life, make food taste better, or look better. It is important to note though that you cant beat natural, healthy, organic food.

6. Farming and Growing Standards are High

Many people prefer to eat foods that have been grown under high standards and inspected regularly. Organic foods are looked after properly and arequality.

7. Kinder to The Environment and Animals

Another of the benefits of organic foods is that theres less pollution from growing foods organically, since sprays and chemicals are not used in growing them.

Organic meat and dairy products are safe, and are not given growth promotion substances to manipulate natural growth.

5 Top Tips on Choosing Organic Foods

1. Pay careful attention to food labels. Some organic products already made may contain a few non-organic products. The labels will tell you.

2. When choosing organic food, ensure you go for the freshest ones.

3. Always ask your local organic food supply which day they get supplied with new food stock, so you can try to go for your purchases on those days.

4. Know what youre buying, some types of organic food can still contain high fat or high calorie-ingredients.

5. Watch out when selecting vegetables and fruits, make sure they dont have holes or spots.

In summary, youre still responsible for your health even with the benefits of organic foods, so ensure your health is at the forefront of your lifestyle choices. Organic food may be a little more expensive, but buying in bulk should alleviate a lot of the extra cost. Your health is worth the price and any extra hassle.

The information here is for general guidance only.
Talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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