Coronary Heart Disease Pictures

Human Arteries Over Time, until Heart Failure or Heart Attack..

Here, you will see what heart disease pictures look like over time, from the time a clear artery starts getting clogged up until the artery has about 90 to 95 percent blockage.

I will elaborate a little on how fats are linked to the human arteries and how arteries get clogged up.

Let’s first look at what the human artery looks like as it evolves through the process I talked about the process of the arteries getting gradually clogged up with oils and fats. See the artery pictures in the diagrams below.

clear arteryDiagram 1: Coronary Heart Disease Pictures 1 – Clear, Healthy Artery

This first picture can represent what the artery of a new born baby looks like. Blood can flow through naturally, no problems. After a while, when we start feeding them with fatty foods and added oils from cooking even at home, this is what starts to happen to the child’s artery …

approximately 25% artery blockageDiagram 2: Coronary Heart Disease Pictures 2 – Artery starting to clog up…

After a further while, this is what happens. Our arteries get clogged up even more…

approximately 50% artery blockageDiagram 3: Coronary Heart Disease Pictures 3 – Artery clogging up even more…

This third picture shows the arteries with deposits of fat around them… Where you start to climb the stairs or run after a train to catch, but find you are breathing like your heart is about to drop out!

And …

Over 75% artery blockage...close to heart disease if not alreadyDiagram 4: Coronary Heart Disease Pictures 4 – most of the artery clogged up…

This last picture shows the artery with mega deposits of fat around it.It is more than 75% blocked.

Heart attacks don’t happen overnight,they happen gradually. Some people have no symptoms till it happens (“silent heart attack or heart failure”).

Which makes more sense, change our eating habitsbeforeor after we get heart disease?

And when is “before”?

That’s right. It’s NOW! You cannot wait for something to happen before you change your eating habits.

So, what exactly is the link between your heart, your arteries, fat and heart disease?

Artery blockage and Heart disease pictures

Diagram 5: Coronary Arteries Over Time

I am sure you recognise the picture on the left from the pictures above. It’s a picture of the heart. The arteries are the transport organs of the heart. Can you see them in the picture? Take a good look; you’ll see them running though the heart. The arteries circulate and transport blood around in your body and heart.

Any fatty deposits around the arteries restrict the free area of the passage of blood, which in turn puts strain and pressure on the heart. The pressure on the heart is known as high blood pressure or hypertension, which increases the risks and can easily lead to many other lifestyle diseases.

Generally, artery blockages up to about 75% (or resulting heart disease) can still be reversed by diet, after that the person could need a heart by-pass surgery.

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The information here is for general guidance only.
Talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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