Heart Disease Information

Important Combating, Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease Information

Having proper heart disease information on signs, symptoms and causes will put you in a good position to combat or reverse heart disease.

You too can significantly lower your heart disease risk, through simply learning on prevention of heart disease information and related helpful tips. Avoiding clogging up the human arteries will no doubt help to lower heart disease risk.

Lifestyle diseaseslike this are common nowadays because of unhealthy eating, diets and lifestyle.

Heart Disease is one of the main causes of death in the world today; and fats are one of the major causes of Heart Disease in the World. Returning regularly to get more heart disease information is something you should do often.

This can only help you with improving your heart health even more.

Your Arteries and Heart Disease Info

The arteries are the transport organs through the heart. They help to circulate blood throughout the human body system.

The human artery starts out completely clear when a baby is first born. After a while, when we start feeding our children with too many oily foods, the arteries start to get clogged up gradually. When the artery gets blocked up

to a certain stage, the blood can no longer flow through naturally with ease. This limits oxygen to the heart and putspressureon the heart.

Hosepipe Analogy

I always liken this to the use of a hosepipe – “the hosepipe analogy”. So, assume you had a hosepipe in your garden and plugged one end of it into a tap. If you opened the tap, water would flow out of the other end of the hosepipe naturally with no problems. If, however, you gradually start to block the free end of the hosepipe, what would happen to the flow of water?

Of course, it would gradually start to reduce, since water can only flow out of the part of it thats not blocked.

Pressurewould start to build up in the pipe, and the water would gradually start to force its way through the unblocked part of the free end. Can you begin to see where high blood pressure comes from?

If you totally blocked the end of the pipe where the water is flowing out from, what would happen? It’s simple!

Water would no longer flow out of the pipe, and pressure would build up even more. The water would not be able to get out since the flow would at this stage be completely stopped.

Eventually, the pipe wouldburst!

It’s the same with the arteries. Heart attacks don’t happen overnight; they happen gradually. When the artery becomes blocked, oxygen is reduced to the heart, which causeschest pain.

I can tell you that I used to have chest pain, and I wasn’t even overweight! In fact, I was far from overweight! I was actually quite slim.

What I did was to eliminate fats and oils from my diet, and chest pain disappeared! Like magic! Not only overweight people have chest pain.

There’s also some other category of people out there, commonly called ‘skinny-fat people’. A person can be thin, slim or skinny on the outside, and be the opposite on the inside. And easily as well! In fact, there are many, many people like that.

Heart attacks don’t happen overnight, they happengradually!

Fats and Oils – the Role They Play

If, for instance, you poured fats and oil down the sink drain for a number of days; after a while, the sink would need a plumber. Now, the diameter or size of the average sink drain is quite wide compared to the size of the human arteries.

So, what we do is to eat fatty foods, which is pretty much the same as pouring oil down are arteries. Except that the fats and oils are nicely wrapped up in the fatty food. If excess fats down the drain could cause the sink to block, how much more our arteries and that of our families?

And of course, that of our children and our teenagers?

The average fast food meal can contain a lot of fat, which can also include trans-fats or hydrogenated oil. These

types of fat are harmful to our health and increase the amount of LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol in the body. Even just the way you cook at home should be checked to ensure you are not using too much fats and oils! Charity begins at home.

In this day and age, a growing number of children have a significant risk factor for heart disease, and many of them have artery blockages greater than 50%! Heart disease information for kids show more and more of these statistics all the time.

It is not the one-time or occasional fast food meal that causes problems; it’s the lifestyle or habit of cooking at home with excess fats and oils, or the habit of eating out and constant fast food meals. We do need fats for our bodies, but we eat way too much of wrong fats than we normally need! This includes saturated fats, trans fats, and added fats and oils in form of cooking oils. Fats and oils clog up the human arteries, causing plaque to build up and block the arteries.

Some types of healthy cookware enable you to cookwithoutfats and oils. The problem with ordinary pots and pans, and processed foods, is that they force us to use fats and oils which help clog up the arteries.

Heart disease information like this is priceless and you will quickly start to see that you can control, reverse, or prevent this disease to a large extent.

You can do more for your health than any doctor, any medicines, or any clinics. Learning to cut back on dietary fats will go a very long way in cutting down your risk of obesity.

You can access more heart disease information on symptoms here on this site.

The information here is for general guidance only.
Talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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