Healthy Food for Kids

Healthy food for kids should be just as important as healthy food for adults. Nowadays, our modern lifestyle has meant that it is more difficult to keep a healthy weight, unlike in the days of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents..

The lifestyle was a happy, active, and generally radiant lifestyle. But for us in this day and age, television, video games, cars, and a sedentary, comfortable way of life has made piling on the weight for us and our kids a normal occurrence. Healthy food for kids has taken a back seat.

Our ancestors used to have back gardens where it was the norm to work in the garden constantly, grow the vegetables, treat the soil, clear the garden, water the plants, and do many other things that worked their heart.

About Kids Health

Healthy food for kids is not the only important part; its the overall lifestyle. We drop them at school in the mornings, or westrollto school nearby with them in the mornings, or they go on the bus.

They come back from school, do homework, we dont ask or try to find out how much physical play they have at school or have had. We are too busy ourselves with many, different things, let alone remember to ask how much physical education they have taken or regularly take at school.

We take them swimming once a week on a Saturday or another day. And thats it. That added to any other exercise they may or may not have had at school, we assume is fine.

Then we turn around and dont know why they are obese, or overweight, or why they cant concentrate at school, or not mentally as sharp as we would have loved.

Healthy food for kids must be an important subject at the forefront of decisions we make about their lifestyles and ours. So is the amount of exercise and physical activity they get.

10 tips on Healthy Food for Kids and General Lifestyle

Here are some great tips you should adopt to help your child live a healthier lifestyle and to keep him/her fit and healthy, and keep healthy food for kids at the forefront…

1. Kids need at least an hour of physical activity every day. Helps with digestion of food and an improved, happier lifestyle. Make sure theyre up and about more and incorporate this into their lifestyle. Any kind of activity is good a walk down the park, running around playing in the garden, football, swimming, karate, ballet dancing, skipping, even rolling tyres! Anything to get them moving is good.

2. They are kids, so make sure youre not serving them adult portions of food. Dont let them get used to over-eating.

3. Fill their plates with healthier food options, including vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

4. Replace dairy milk with soya versions, rice milk versions, or oat milk versions. Dairy is linked to some lifestyle diseases.

5. Reduce on the frequency of salty snacks that you provide them with. Replace with fruits for snack-time majorly.

6. Wherever possible, always go for no added sugar options and unsweetened varieties.

7. Reduce eating out times weekly. It is important kids learn that home is where they should be eating their meals. Eating out should be for the occasion.

8. Ensure they are eating three times a day, at regular times.

9. Dont skip breakfast. Breakfast is very important for kids mental and physical health throughout the day. Get rid of sugary cereals and salty cereals from the menu.

10. Go for lower fat options, and compare food labels on foods all the time.

Some of these tips on healthy food for kids and a healthy lifestyle may take some time to adopt. Depending how old your child is, you may need to gradually incorporate each tip so as not to force a sudden lifestyle change.A stitch in time, saves nine.

The information here is for general guidance only.
Talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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