Healthy Eating for Children

Give Your Kids Nutrition for Life

Healthy eating for children is a subject that you must take very seriously as a parent. A healthy diet is necessary to give them a good quality of life. What’s the most greatest and precious gift you can give your kids really?

Good Health!

Can you boldly say your children are eating healthy? If you cannot answer in the affirmative without thinking hard, chances are they are not eating healthy enough. Healthy eating for children is certainly not always a walk in the park. In fact it rarely is. However, we have a responsibility for their health as their parents.

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If you’re a parent concerned about your child’s health, you’re right – you should be concerned. Nowadays, children are born into this generation of genetically-modified food, fast food, processed foods, and so on. Gone are the days of fresh fruits and vegetables being grown in the home garden.

This generation is probably the most over-fed, but mal-nourished generation that has ever lived. In fact, its the first generation now thats been predicted to have a probability of its parent’s generationoutlivingit! Now thats scary.

Eating at School and Nursery

Once your child starts to go to school or nursery, you start losing a little bit of control over what they are eating. You will need to check that your children are eating healthy there. Make sure you check the sorts of foods the school or nursery will be feeding your child. They will normally have a time table that they follow.

If you are not satisfied with the types of food your child will be eating there, talk to the school or nursery staff.

If it doesn’t look like the school or nursery is going to be placing kids nutrition very highly, then do not enrol your child there. Do watch out in particular for what’s on the menu for breakfast everyday; check that it’s not sugary cereals.

Eating Out

Eating out is an easy way for children to eat what they want andnotwhats good for them! You should be in control to a large extent really, so you have to be firm. Eat before going out to reduce the chances of “I’m hungry”. That way they’re less likely to need to eat junk food or fast food outside. Left to children, if they chose what they ate, they would probably only want three things. One of which will be chips, and another will be chocolate, sweeties, or lollies!

Eating at Home

When eating at home, you should always cook foods that are nutritious, and have your child’s health at heart. You should fill the fridge with foods that are healthy – do more healthy food shopping frequently. Try to ensure you feed your child with at least one portion of a dark green vegetable a day.Ensure that youre feeding them with enough fibre for good digestion and easy passage of stools. Starchy foods and sugar usually raise blood sugar levels.

Healthy Snacks for Children

Healthy eating for children will most certainly cover the sort of snacks they are eating. Healthy Snacks include fruits, seeds, nuts, oat biscuits and oat cakes. If you have healthy cookware that allows you to bake, then you can bake a cake with vegetables in it. Apples in particular, in such cookware serve as natural oil, such that you would not need butter. All of these contribute to raising healthy eating children.

Fruit juices

Fruit juices and processes juices are mostly filled with sugar and should be avoided. Choose water instead for drinking. On the rare occasion that you must give your children sugary drinks, ensure they are half-diluted with water. That’s 50% less concentration of sugar. These little things contribute to improving concentration and a sharp memory for children eating healthy.

Vitamin Supplements for Healthy Eating Kids

Children need a lot vitamins and nutrients in their food, and they can easily not be getting all they need.

Vitamin drops are a good way to ensure they are getting the vitamins they need. A word of caution though, vitamin supplements aresupplements, andnot replacements. The food you are feeding your child with is what really provides nutrition needed to be stay healthy.

More Tips on Healthy Eating for Children

Give your child plenty of water. Plenty of water helps the gut to function well. Good digestion is vital for your child’s health to avoid constipation, tummy pains and aches, diarrhea and the like.

When incorporating a lifestyle of healthy eating for children, good digestion is also an essential foundation for your child to avoid many of the other diseases that have to do with lowered immunity during adulthood.

The information here is for general guidance only.
Talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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