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5 Ways You’re Killing Your Food


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Protect Your Memory: 5 Practical Steps

How to protect your memory and have an awesome memory – 5 simple steps

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About Healthy Eating and Nutrition.Com

About Healthy-Eating-and-Nutrition.Com and my personal story of how I got into healthy eating.

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Sea salt is better for the body

Sea salt is better for your body healthwise. Sea salt does not hold water in the body which can accumulate around your heart and cause you to have high

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Experience with Eru and Garri

Each time i get to eat,i will have a running stomach.i will use the toilet the whole night or at times the next day.i could use the toilet for hours non

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Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Developing healthy eating habits is not rocket science.Youare theonefactor that holds the key to yourself successfully …

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Microwave Cooking Dangers

Hi there, Thanks for this! I have since realised this and have stopped using the microwave. I know people who felt positive changes in their bodies when

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Top Low Cholesterol Foods

Low cholesterol foods consist of foods that are naturally low in cholesterol. Here you will find the top ones that help you…

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Effects of Heart Disease

The effects of heart disease are basically the result of what happens when a person suffers from any form of heart disease. Some of the…

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The Nutritional Value of Food You Need

Retaining the nutritional value of food in our meals is of paramount importance to our health and that of our families’. Health is wealth! How you unconsciously lose nutrients in food you prepare …

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Dangers of Microwave Cooking

Have you ever wondered about the dangers of microwave cooking or about how the microwave works? Ever had any inkling that …

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Major Heart Disease Risk Factors

Heart disease risk factors are factors that can contribute to or lead to having the disease. Heart disease is one…

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Top Benefits of Organic Foods

What is organic food? What are the benefits of organic foods? Organic means …

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Additives in Food

Additives in food may lower or reduce the nutritional value in foods, add empty calories to foods, or enrich certain foods with certain vitamins. So which food additives are bad?

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Your Food Nutrition and Health Information

Food nutrition and health for you and your family. I have put together a set of healthy lifestyle-improving nuggets that you may not often come across in one piece…

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African Food and Cooking

African food is delicious, and is cooked from mostly natural, organic foods. African foods are naturally quite…

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Common African Food Types

Food is a major part of the African culture, and is right at the centre of it. Common African food types are …

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Healthy African Food

Many types of African food are naturally nutrient-packed and help to contribute to fighting or combating one disease…

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Sea Salt vs Table Salt

Sea salt vs Table Salt – Which is better? This is a question I had asked myself several times before and got asked several times too. Heres some information on …

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Healthy Food for Kids

Healthy food for kids should be just as important as healthy food for adults. Nowadays, our modern lifestyle has meant that it is more difficult to keep…

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7 Day Healthy Eating Plan

This excellent 7 day healthy eating plan covers the whole healthy eating week. Do you always seem to struggle with weight? Would you go on a diet, lose some weight but few months after, find that…

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Nutrition for Dancers

Nutrition for dancers, runners, swimmers and other athletes must incorporate enough essential fats and …

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Nutrition for Swimmers

Nutrition for swimmers will involve a healthy eating plan that entails choosing foods that specifically address athletic nutritional needs…

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Top 10 Vegetables List

Eating enough vegetables daily is one of the mostpowerfulways of preventing, reversing and combating diseases and illnesses. There is a huge vegetables list that …

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Top Tips on Healthy Eating

Incorporate these excellent tips on healthy eating into your lifestyle, and youre well on your way to becoming a healthier person …

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Nutritional Value of Vegetables – How to Retain

You need the super rich nutritional value of vegetables at its maximum for your health. When they have just been picked, the …

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Nutrients in Vegetables

Eating and getting the nutrients in vegetables is one of the easiest ways for you to stay healthy and to prevent, combat, and reverse …

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Nutrients in Food

Nutrients in food we eat are made up of different groups. When you combine various foods the correct way, the …

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Natural Ways To Lower Cholesterol – How to Reduce Cholesterol

Most natural ways to lower cholesterol. If you want lasting results, here’s the best way to lower cholesterol…

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Nutrition for Kids

Nutrition for kids is an area that is soimportantfor your childs health, it cannot be over-stated. The secret to your kids wellbeing emotionally, physically, mentally and …

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The Importance of Good Nutrition for You

The importance of good nutrition cannot be over-stated. Without enough nutrition in your foods, you are …

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How to Fight a Cold or an Infection, Strengthen Your Immune System through Nutri

How to fight a cold naturally and early. If you always seem to be recovering from one cold, and then coming down with another cold, illness or infection time and time again…

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Top Healthy Food Shopping Tips

Important healthy food shopping guidelines you need to know about shopping in supermarkets, stores and farmers’ markets for food and groceries…

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Healthy Eating Weight Loss Plan – Top 12 Tips

Lose weight naturally andkeep it off. Maintaining a healthy weight will greatly reduce your risk of developing lifestyle diseases and illnesses… Best healthy eating weight loss plan …

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Healthy Eating Out – Top Tips

Going out to eat can be quite enjoyable and feels good, plus its time out of the kitchen for you! But being a healthy eater doesn’t mean you can’t eat out. Healthy eating out is …

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Healthy Eating Habits for Kids – Top Tips

The easiest-to-incorporate ways to change or improve healthy eating habits for kids and best way to…

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Healthy Eating Guidelines

There are some helpful, healthy eating guidelines you need, to help you to successfully live a healthy,good quality lifeand keep your diet healthy…

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Healthy Eating for Diabetics the Right Way!

Healthy eating for diabetics is all about using food as natural medicine to control your blood sugar levels. Let …

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Healthy Eating for Children, Kids Nutrition

Healthy eating for children. Getting enough nutrition out of their meals is crucial to giving them a healthy life…

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Best Healthy Eating Diet Advice

Changing to, or sticking to healthy eating can sometimes be a little bit of chanllenge. Here’s the most practical, easily adopted and valuable healthy eating diet advice for you…

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Healthy Diet Tips

Healthy Diet Tips that are important for you, to help you live a healthier lifestyle…

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Healthy Diet and Healthy Eating Top 12 Tips

Following a healthy diet and healthy eating programme is probably the single most important thing you can do for your health and wellbeing. Heres the best guide that…

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Fruits and Vegetables for Kids

Fruits and vegetables for kids are more important now than ever. Most kids do not eat the required amount. Excellent ways to gets kids loving…

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Fruit nutrition – Vitamins in fruits abound

Fruit nutrition is immensely beneficial to your health. Here’s why you particularly need the nutrients in fruit…

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Good Foods for Clear Skin – How to Eat a Naturally Healthy Skin Diet Revealed!

Have you ever wondered what to do make your skin look better? How to choose foods for clear skin and what the different types of foods good for skin glow…

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Food Nutrition Guide for You

Best guide on how you can retain nutrition in food. This comprehensive, but short and precise food nutrition guide will give you a brilliant start on how to retain the nutrition in your food…

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Fish Oil Health Benefits

Find out why and how taking fish oil is advantageous for you and your wellbeing. The best of fish oil health benefits…

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Eating Healthy On a Budget

Eating healthy on a budget can be achieved easily enough. There are so many ways, just needs a little bit more focus…

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Cholesterol and Diet

Cholesterol and diet are huge subjects, and the relationship between them is tight. High cholesterol affects millions of people every year, and high cholesterol foods are…

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