Fruits and vegetables for kids

How to Get Your Children Loving Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables for kids are more important now than ever. Most kids do not eat the required amount of fruits and vegetables.

In my son's school, they have an excellent requirement that forces every parent to give their children healthier foods. They require that all parents send a packed bowl of fruits in with their child EVERYDAY. That's excellent stuff. I didn't realise how valuable and beneficial this is, until the last few months. It's compulsory. It's a habit.

fruits and vegetables for kids

So even where some children may kick against having to compulsorily eat fruits at home; at school, they don't have a choice. It's part of being in school. Just as they have to do their homework, or sit down to listen to lessons in class. If you could do that, don't you think your child will get used to eating fruits soon enough? Is he or she not going to get the benefits of fruit nutrition?

OF course they will!

So why not send fruits with your children to school every day, even if it's not required or compulsory. Just do it anyway, your child will get used to it. Include it in their lunchbox.

Make Kids' Healthy Eating a Habit

The habit will grow with your child. It will become part and parcel of them. Now, that wouldn't that be brilliant? Perfect? More health benefits will surround them for years to come. Remember, some of the health benefits of what you and your children are doing health-wise now and eating now may not be seen until later in life. The foundation matters. Act straightaway. Your part is to raise them with a healthy lifestyle. Teach them healthy eating habits, so that it may be well with them; so that they will experience health and wellness in abundance, throughout their life.

Fruits and vegetables for kids are natural mineral and vitamin supplements.

Juicing is another easy way to incorporate fruits and vegetables for kids' lifestyles. That works.

I bake cakes at home, and when I do I use a food processor to grate in NINE different fruits and vegetables into the mix. I also bake the cakes with no butter, although the cake mixes usually have a little bit of vegetable oil on the ingredient list.

I will do the same with biscuits I'm baking from home, and add grated fruits in the mix.

Get Creative...

When my little boy is eating rice, I dice carrots with the food processor and put them at the top of the rice. Sometimes he likes his carrots cooked, so I line them at the top of the rice while cooking (after the water has dried from the top). I don't let the water touch the vegetables so as not lose the colour in them.

If you don't have a food processor, you can also blend the fruits into healthy home-made cakes or biscuits.

Most of the snacks for children should revolve around fruits and vegetables. They are the opposite of sweet foods that provide empty calories and contribute to making them unnecessarily hyper.

Get them involved in the juicing process. My little boy, little girl and my husband all juice fruits together almost every night.

My son now loves drinking his smoothie every morning, and evening. In fact, anytime he's offered a glass of fruit smoothie he loves it. I couldn't believe my luck when started drinking it as a habit. He's now 7 years old, but he wasn't always like that - probably because we didn’t quite start him on healthy eating habits early enough. If you haven't started your kids on fruits and vegetables yet, now is the time to start. Its better late than never. Before you know it, they'll get used to the habit.

In conclusion, fruits and vegetables for kids are essential, and should not be negotiable.

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