Dangers of Microwave Cooking

Have you ever wondered about the dangers of microwave cooking or about how the microwave works? Ever had any inkling that there may be some dangers of heating your foods in the microwave? I love the old adage that says not all that glitters is gold - there’s truth in it.

Or perhaps you have ever wondered - what kind of machine you put a food item into, say a potato, and in one or two minutes completely changes the structure and shrinks the food?

Picture of a microwave oven

Think about it for a minute, does it sound alright for the food? For starters, when you subject food to any kind of heat, you are losing some of the nutritional content.

How much nutritional value you lose from the food depends on how much heat you’ve applied, the method of cooking you’ve used, and the kind of cookware you’ve used. So, even common cooking methods such as boiling, steaming, grilling, roasting are all carried out at high temperatures and make you lose nutrients from your foods.

Next, the fact that it is a microwave you’re using to heat your food is even worse. The live enzymes in your food are destroyed, while essential minerals and vitamins are killed. So what’s the point?

Well, how about the fact that, if one of the dangers of microwave cooking could cause an egg to explode, what about the cells in your body when you stand in front of a microwave for five to ten minutes?

Microwaves didn’t exist 70 years ago. Our ancestors survived without it. They lived great, healthy lives. Much more healthy than we live now. The epidemic of lifestyle diseases we have now was not existent then.

In a study carried out in Russia, to determine the effect of microwaved food on our bodies, and any dangers of microwave cooking on the food heated, the researchers found that microwave ovens had a detrimental effect on the nutritional value of food. Some studies suggest a carcinogenic effect.

How do they work? Microwaves are electro-magnetic waves that alternate in positive and negative directions causing vibration of food molecules up to 2.5 billion times per second. Imagine vibrating your car, TV or fridge that many times a second. Would it still run at all? What would happen to it?

That’s right, it’ll shatter!

Now if metals and stronger materials would dis-integrate by vibrating them that much, how much more our foods, that contain much more fragile nutrients, vitamins, minerals? How much more your food molecules, full of fragile nutrients and vitamins?

An appliance that vibrates your foods up to 2.5 billion times per second? Does it sound like the foods would still have even a quarter of the nutritional goodness in them still?

Broccoli for example, contains a lot of important antioxidants for the body. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals and fight cancer. Think for a minute about what cooking Broccoli, and other nutrient-dense vegetables, in the microwave oven can possibly do to the food molecules. Are most of them still likely to be any use to the body after microwaving?

Microwave cooking or heating, changes the molecular structure of the food. When you put a potato in the microwave to make a jacket potato, what happens when it comes back out? It’s shrivelled, compared to what went in. What you put in is not what you get out.

The microwave heats between temperatures of 200 degrees to 400 degrees! According to a study carried out by Stanford University, they found that microwave cooking of vegetables was associated with a decline in nutrients of the foods microwaved.

When I found out about the dangers of microwave cooking four years ago, I had wondered how I would survive if I threw out my microwave oven. I thought I couldn’t live without it. Wrong. Four years on, my life, and my health is so, so much better without one.

I didn’t need much help deciding the healthiest choice for me and my family. Admittedly, I reduced on t gradually before completely putting it aside. For me, it was part of a lifestyle that needed to be changed.

You should always make decisions that would favour you and your family’s health and well-being. There are enough problems around as it is, you don’t need any extra controversial health-problems instigating stuff.

Your body craves the nutrients in your food for good subsistence, to keep you energized, and to prevent, avoid, combat and reverse diseases. With the possible dangers of microwave cooking, you do not need any machines killing those precious nutrients for you and giving you dead food.

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