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Hello!, and welcome toHealthy-Eating-and-Nutrition.Com– Your go-to resource for getting healthier and improving your brain health and memory!

My name is Grace E Togun Olugbodi, and I have run a Health and Nutrition business and franchise with my partner for 8 years now.

I organize and sponsornutrition and cooking classes in the UKforpreventing and reversing diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Our nutrition lesson plans also teach cancer prevention and increase survival rates, through proper diet and simple natural methods. We work with highly experienced nutritionists and dieticians in teaching the classes and nutrition lesson plans.

I wrote this website to put all my knowledge and experience in a central place to help family, friends and others with important information on how to look after their health, get nutrition out of their meals, and prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases. I am a qualified Food for Life PCRM instructor. PCRM stands for Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine. I have learnt an awful lot, and researched an awful lot!

My initial background was in Java Programming in Investment Banking. I studied a BSc degree in Computing with Information Systems, and graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree from London Guildhall University, UK .

My Masters (MSc) degree was in Financial Markets with Information Systems from London Metropolitan University.

I was initially planning to study a PhD too, only because my father has one in Physics and my mother is a Professor now in Health Sciences too; but I later decided against studying a PhD after I got involved with Health and Nutrition.

I enjoy helping people and changing peoples lives positively. I believe that if you help enough people get what they want, your life will be changed too.

Aside from Healthy Eating, I also enjoy Mathematics (best subject – I LOVE Maths!), playing chess and inventing Maths games and other educational games for children. I enjoy travelling too!

My Story…

So, how did I get into Healthy Eating with the angle of retaining Nutrition in foods? Well, I saw a Health and Nutrition presentation about 8 years ago thattotally changed my life. It may or may not surprise you that I never used to eat vegetables. I mean, never used to eat vegetables at all. Why? They tasted horrible!

Ok maybe raw carrots if I had to, and the odd portion of spinach or okra here and there. The spinach would be highly seasoned to give it taste! I cannot tell you I would have started eating vegetables yet till now still, because I just didnt like the taste of them. They didnt taste nice! So vegetables and other healthy options were really not part of my diet! My poor husband. He was a very health-conscious professional athlete when we met.

He remained very health-conscious, but after marriage to me ;-), he made do with loads of salads instead of vegetables, since I wouldnt cook veg.

However, a couple of days after I saw the presentation on health and nutrition, my life changed. My husbands life changed. My little boys life changed. Our parents lives changed. You know the old saying that taste and health dont go together? Wrong!

My saving grace was coming across how to cook without adding oil or water, while cooking on low heat and speedily. Also without toxins and heavy metals being added in to food. So, I was saved health, time and money! I couldnt complain really could I now!

After that I started to become conscious about types of foods and right foods and retaining the nutrition in them while cooking, as opposed to cooking out and losing the nutritional value in them. You probably know that the human body craves the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from our foods to be able to live and function properly.

Before the health presentation I saw and my subsequent lifestyle changes; I used to have chest pain.Dangerous. And I was having this chest pain even though I wasnt overweight at all. Arteries clogging up ring a bell?

Also, when I was pregnant with my first child, I was low on iron. I can tell you being low on iron can be a very serious situation to be in as the baby needs its share too! By the time I was pregnant with my second child, I had known better about how to get proper nutrition so thankfully I didn’t have the problem I had with my first pregnancy. My iron levels had been low, pretty much throughout the first pregnancy; and this was the case DESPITE the tons of ferrous sulfate tablets I was prescribed (iron tablets) and green veggies that tasted horrible that I forcefully ate throughout.

Retaining the Nutritional Value in Our Meals Was the Solution

Why was it different on my second pregnancy? Its simple. Because I had now learnt how to retain maximum nutrition in my foods when cooking, especially vegetables; and also eliminating grease, bad fats and oils from my diet, while still eating the same foods I liked to eat and with great, even much better and fresher taste!

When we lost my mother-in-law todiabetesdespite her being a near-perfect healthy eater at the time, it didn’t take us long to figure out that what we eat is not the only important factor, but also how we prepare and cook our foods was just as important. She really didn’t have enough nutrition in her diet… She didn’t have a chance!

Also, a couple of years after my father was diagnosed with diabetes, the situation went from bad to worse. The prescription drugs from the doctor didn’t seem to help much. He was going to need to go on insulin. We then went all out to work on retaining nutrition in his meals and cutting out oil from his diet and de-starching his starchy foods to reduce starch. Then, he completely reversed diabetes! After that, it became even clearer that the way the food is prepared and cooked, also goes a long way in determining how much nutrition is in the food.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have learnt about healthy cooking when I did. It completely CHANGED my life around. My children and husbands lives too have been completely changed. My fathers too, and my father-in-laws, who after this, recovered from prostate cancer in record time (much sooner than he should for his age). In fact all my familys and my husbands familys lives have been completely turned around health-wise.

I am particularly grateful and happy for my children too, who now enjoy a much healthier lifestyle by a mile. Nothing feels as good. They know the score now. My daughter and son would sit with a whole bowl of vegetables or salad.

Nothing Feels As Good As GOOD HEALTH

Weve come a very long way from where we started eight years ago. A couple of years ago when my son was seven years old, he saw me when I started writing an article and asked what I was writing. He then looked at the screen and must have seen a few words to do with healthy snacks for children and nutrition.

He said mummy I know why youre writing that, because nutrition is important for us to eat healthy. So I asked why he thought eating healthy was important, and he said, to make me grow big and tall the right way and develop my brain! I thought wow!Now, these are the sort of things I like to hear from children!

And then, the very next day, when I brought out his milk to warm (not in the microwave); he asked Mummy is that organic milk? I said yes. I then asked him if he likes organic milk he said yes. I asked him why, and he said because its yummy, tasty and sweeter! ;-). I have since started experimenting with making almond milk time and time again.

That showed me its really sinking in! Great! My two-and-a-half year old also loved her vegetables (still does greatly) and calls them sweeties. Because of the way we cook vegetables now, they retain their original taste and sweetness, colour and nutritional value.

We continue to get better and better, learn more and more, and get more and more experience.

Changing Peoples Lives…

Now, I set up and sponsor nutrition and cooking classes in the UK forpreventing and reversing diabetes, and cancer survival increase; in alliance with a Charity and Not-for-Profit organization, with some other certified nutritionists and dieticians. We also run health and nutrition presentations, on how to get nutrition out of your meals and how to retain the nutrients in foods being cooked at home, using healthy cookware and healthy cooking systems. You will be amazed how much nutrition the average household unconsciously loses, just by the way they prepare and cook their foods alone.

We’re based in London, so majority of my presentations and classes are based around Greater London and in the UK. Occasionally, we do life-changing classes and presentations abroad too, like in Africa and the USA.

You too can begin to retain nutrition in your foods and meals you cook, so that your immune system canfight, manage, prevent, reverse and combat any of the lifestyle diseaseslike Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Cancer, Stroke, Digestive Problems and Constipation.

Please contact me, ask me a question, comment, submit a recipe, or suggest a topic you would like me to write on using the form below. Or if you’re interested in seeing a Health and Nutrition presentation, or would like us to run some classes in your company or for your colleagues too, please enter your name and contact in the form below. I will contact you back within the next couple of days. Please be patient as we do get quite busy. I promise you will be contacted shortly. Thanks in advance.

Remember,you the individualcan do more for your health than any medicine, any hospital or any doctor.

Nothing tastes or feels as good as GOOD HEALTH!

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